Text Box: The Chronicles of Tyke DeLong
Coming Soon, by Lane Wood and 
E. A. Mourn

     Forget all you thought you knew about lycans...because you will soon have your mortal eyes opened to the truth about them, or as Tyke would say, “Why don’t we just rip off the crust and get right to the meat...cuz that’s where all the real fun starts.”


     Learn how the legend started...then find out the true story, as you meet the first Lycan. You will find yourself  longing to see more of the hottest thing since the invention of Crawfish Jambalaya, extra spicy…


     Mr. Tyke DeLong, Lycan extraordinaire, in this erotic thriller from the powerful duet of Horror Masters, Lane Wood and E. A. Mourn.

Set to be released in the Fall of 2012.

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The Chronicles of Tyke DeLong

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