The second installment in the Elizabeth Wylde Detective Series

   It’s not been long since Detective Elizabeth Wylde took down Ewan—the horrific product of the US Government’s Dark Savior Project, but there’s no rest for the staff of the Tampa PD, especially for ex-FBI
“golden girl” Liz Wylde.

   After years of fighting to keep her sanity after losing her only family, her father and sister, she has finally reconnected with others she shut out, her extended family; which is a good thing, because she is out of the frying pan and into the fire once again.

   The wife of a political figure is dead, found just under the SUNSHINE SKYWAY bridge, a favorite suicide spot for those souls with a sick sense of romance; but according to Wylde...this is no suicide.

   Religious zealots are gunning not just to bring down elected government officials, but the men and women in blue, as well.

   Follow your favorite detective as she plows through the obvious to reach the truth. In SKYWAY, we get to visit all our favorite characters and meet a few more; and as usual...some you will love, and some you will LOATHE.




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