Read Project Dark Savior, the first volume in the Detective Elizabeth Wylde Crime Series, before Volume 2 is released in Summer 2012!

Text Box: Be sure to see what a Tampa Author and a Tampa Artist can create together!  Project Dark Savior, written by E. A. Mourn and Illustrated by Artist Carrie Jadus, is available at and many other locations.

Project Dark Savior, Synopsis


The Westshore murders were a series of killings that will be remembered for years to come.  A tragedy imposed upon Florida so grisly, it caused Floridians who were here in the seventies to recall the moment they first heard the name… Ted Bundy.


Billy Vegas was the most fascinating homicidal maniac Detective Elizabeth Wylde had ever encountered.  He was responsible for elevating Wylde’s notoriety to zenith status, well beyond the fame she had earned in the early days as the Bureau’s highly publicized golden girl, but at an enormous price.


On the cusp of healing from the nightmare that has been her life after losing her family, the murders on the West Shore of Tampa begin again, as if the ghost of Billy Vegas had returned from beyond the grave to exact revenge for his execution.  She quickly discovers that no spirit is responsible for the new murders; the truth is far worse than that.  A new breed of serial killer has arrived in the Bay area in order to make his final stand.


Project Dark Savior is the first book in a series that introduces Detective Elizabeth Wylde, Tampa Police Department’s finest contribution to Law Enforcement.


Illustrations and cover art by Carrie Jadus


Author, E. A. Mourn, now lives in South Carolina with her family. 



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