Text Box: Fun at the Book Expo America, May-June of 2008 in Los Angeles!

As I have mentioned, I write under many pseudonyms.

E. A. Mourn, as you see on this site, is my fiction and more bizarre side, but I do have a more mature and serious side to me that gave birth not only to many poems of love, articles about various subjects, and one nonfiction novel.† The novel I speak of is, Where Did I Go?, written under the pseudonym B. Erin Wylde. This book was nominated for a book signing at the Book Expo America in LA, 2008. I had a blast and felt that one page should chronicle my adventure there! It was amazing and I canít wait until I get to go again!







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A historical event, Meet the Bestsellers, with

††††††† Dean Koontz and Michael Connely!

My Favorite Corpse!

You really want ME to be rich?

B. Erin signing away!

Lines for miles!

Ernie, youíre looking great!

Ready to sign, B. Erin / E. A. ?†† ††††††††† (Parking garage jitters)†††††††

An LA Sunrise from the hotel room

ARRRRGGGH! They be pirates here!

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